Udaipur Peace Centre Activities for the month of February 2016

///Udaipur Peace Centre Activities for the month of February 2016

Udaipur Peace Centre Activities for the month of February 2016

 Peace center report of Udaipur (Karawara, Ghati, Bambala and Community peace center of Udaipur)

Activity details Venue Outreach Facilitator
Male Female Total
Diversity Walk Polo forest 17 23 40 Kesbar
Film screening Ghati 05 17 23 Rahul and Kesbar
Youth ADDA on Beyond boundaries friendship Bambala 14 06 20 Kesbar and Naresh
Perspective building workshop and discussion on current social issues Polo forest 22 23 45 Rahul and Kesbar
Wall Painting Karawara 19 04 23 Participation of all

Table: Activity details of February month

Diversity Walk:

 As per schedule, Peace center organized a diversity walk with 14 urban and 26 rural young people in order to explore both Hindu and Muslim religion’s traditions and practices. Venue has been decided as Dargah and ancient temples both situated in Polo forest of Gujarat. This was first time for all participants and third times for the facilitator to visit polo forest and ancient religious sites of it. In the afternoon we have reached firstly at Dargah which is situated at the center of Polo forest and have been famous sufi site for both Hindu and Muslim communities of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Every one being seated on the courtyard of the Dargah and discussion was started on the role of Sufi sites in maintaining peace and harmony between both communities and how Dargah’s are being welcoming to worship for every religion and castes people. Kesbar has demonstrated the reason behind worshiping Sufi people that either they are being claimed a friend or very near to God and Prophet or clean heart people who never did anything wrong to someone and helped poor and vulnerable people of the community. A healthy discussion was held and some people also shared their experiences of Dargahs and Islam. As some said they have belief on Mastan Shah Bava, A Sufi Saint based in Udaipur, others have on Khwaja Sahab of Ajmer. Afterwards we moved to ancient temple of Parshvanath and enjoyed the creation of the temple which is famous for its open circle ceilings and Geometrical dynamics of the temple.  As there is no clear history known by any one we have read history chart of this site and talked about the visitors and tourist which can be seen there of every religion, caste and gender. Some young man from Udaipur have sung Doha of Kabir along with others and talked about brotherhood of hindu and muslim religion. All participants those are from diverse communities and locale have decided to make a Whatsapp group for keep in touch for the upcoming programs such like diversity walk. Afterwards feedback was taken and team member of peace center gave thanks to all of the participants.


                                   Picture: All the team members of peace centers at the ancient Parshvanath Temple after Diversity Walk.

Film Screening and discussion:

Peace center of Ghati have organized screening of movie created on Alfa’s initiative to build peaceful and equal society in Kherwara block. Young people of Ghati, Bambala, Karawara and Itwa have been called for this program. Twenty active young people have attended this screening as they were curious to watch our work in 6 minutes movie. Rahul welcomed all active volunteers of peace center and introduction was being held with a find partner game. Youth were curious and could not wait for any speech to watch our work so we have started movie by thanking all to be part of peace center for long time. Afterwards we asked youth that how was the movie? And every one replied that movie is good and covering initiative of village which enhances other young people to work on the issue. Payal Meghval, A new volunteer from Dalit community, said that “I don’t know how but this movie really makes me courageous to work on social problems and I will contribute my leisure for the Peace center to help society.” Main aim of screening of the Alfa’s film was to make youth enthusiastic and to give them motivation for further work. A healthy discussion took place which given us extra energy to work on issues related communal disturbance and to encounter such initiatives. Now discussion went on two incident just happened in a month first was some Muslim young boy were angry by the rumor that some Patel community boys came in Muslim area in night and raised anti Muslim slogan hence they were giving guard ship in night at the center of Muslim area and common road of karawara that time suddenly five biker, belong to Patel community, was on their way to home. And some crazy Muslim boys have stopped them and grabbed keys of bikes and argue held there. Before this argue could have take place of fight elder muslim people have short out the issue that time and returned the keys of bikes. Next day early morning patels have gathered meeting with some Bajarng Dal’s leader and discussed this topic. And decided to file an FIR and close one school which is being run by Muslim in a rented house of Patel. Later both communities leader have gathered in police station and case was short out though Muslims have pardon for the act done by young boys and Patel have convinced not to close school. Another burning incident was a guy from Adivasi community lives just besides Peace center Ghati has run away with a Patel girl of Karawara village. Hence Patel community people organized many meetings and decided to close the hotel of Kanti lal, A Aadivasi man, which is being run in rented building of Patel and close relatives of the girl who ran away. Team members of peace center have discussed these incidents and take a task to maintain peace in the area and to analyze if any rumor spread in the community. As Aadivasi community youth was angry on the act was being done by Patel community people. But there was not confirmation of closing the shop and later Kesbar, team member of Peace center clarified this issue that shop was only closed for some days as the matter was burning that time and will open again as matter will be calm down.


Youth ADDA on beyond boundaries friendship:

Youth ADDA was planned to be organize at the bambala Peace center on Sunday 21. We informed all participants to come at the bambala center for the event. After gathering of all, program was being started with a game ‘Jip Jap Joom’ played by Naresh. Game was aimed to make energy in all participants for the session. Afterwards, Kesbar introduced elaborately about today’s schedule and began the session. We requested all participants to sit together with his/her friend and suggested them to tell an interesting story about his/her friend. One of participant Priya from shared story about her friend Sunil “sunil is from bambala. He studies in 12th class in a government school. He loves to talk with his friends and spent time with them. Priya laughed and said that “I am going to tell you one secret about him.” She shared “when he was in eighth class he was using cheats in Exam and being caught by the principal of school and beaten. Instead of that he got first division in his results. Since then he never used cheats and not gonna do in future. Everyone clapped for Sunil and Priya and then another participant shared his friend’s story. Now Nandlal shared story of Mohan “when Mohan was in forth class he did not like to go school. That’s why he usually bunk classes and went to swim in pond nearby school. while one day Mohan was on bunk teacher sent some senior students of school to brought Mohan into school. They saw Mohan was playing Kho Kho in a field. They came towards Mohan to catch him but when Mohan saw them he got that they will bring him back to school he started running. That day Mohan ran four Kilometers but not caught. After this incident Mohan didn’t went to school for 10 days fear of beaten by teachers. Everyone enjoyed a lot story and could not stop their laughing as Mohan is now a sensitive guy and working in Alfa. Mohan added that “that time was unforgettable and after this incident he never bunked any class. One by one all of participants shared his/her friend’s stories that were landing sometimes emotional or some time funny. Afterwards, Kesbar end the session formally by thanking all and fixed next date of meeting as 28. Everyone stood and make a circle as Priya was going to play some games. Priya played two games to all and then everyone said goodbye to each other.

Impact: Overall session was Enthusiastic and memorable as everyone spoke and participated equally. We observed that their friendship is now at good level without any discrimination and inequality. Most important thing in session was they are talking deeply about their life and enjoying friendship.


Perspective building workshop:

 Peace center has planned to organize perspective building workshop at polo forest and discussed this idea with the team members of peace center. They welcomed this idea and mobilized both rural and urban young people for the workshop and Lokesh have booked a courtyard in polo forest for the workshop. Peace center has decided Rahul Dubey and Kesbar as a facilitator for the workshop. 15 urban youth and 30 rural youth have participated in the workshop at Polo forest area. This time peace center also mentioned cook by self and eat together in the workshop hence participants could understand better each other. Lokesh Kalal, President of Alfa, Have started session with welcoming speech and introduced today’s agenda of workshop. Rahul Dubey along with co facilitator Kesbar has formally started the workshop with a game introducing leadership and group work. We have divided participants in two groups and made one leader in each group. Leader had given a task to make gesture of a thing silently with participation of all group members. Turtle and tree simultaneously have to make by Group A and Group B. Afterwards we have removed leader position and instructed groups to make given gesture silently. Than Rahul asked to both groups that which was the easiest one: (a) Headed by leader (b) participation of all?

Most of them answered that the option (B) was easier than the option (a). In reason they replied that the option A was initiated by single person and other do not have idea what would to done by them. But in option B they were aware and known that what they have to do and it was shown the participation of all. Now Rahul connected this to today’s politics and social issues where only one person made things and policies for us and we never question or if single man try to raise voice against them they blame him anti National or communal. Kesbar added that such incident happens in two central universities where someone tried to question or raised his voice against inequality. But in result one did suicide and other has blamed anti national and got sedition charges. Rahul asked question to all of them that how could be Kanhaiya anti national if he raises his voice against inequality or question the system?

One member of urban peace center replied that Kanhaiya should not have to allow such people those are raising slogan against India and he was accompanied with them. And we should also have criticized this act rather than supporting them. Why he didn’t talked about corruption, gender equality or other issues instead of terrorist Afjal Guru, “he mentioned”. In reply Rahul have put three points

  • He described the meaning of sedition according to Indian penal code.
  • What valid proof we have to claim Kanhaiya or any person Anti national where supreme court has rejected videos that have claimed that Kanhaiya raised anti national slogans
  • The meaning of Democracy in reference to Indian constitution

Afterwards young people have claimed that they have just understood this case through Media and made their perspective on what Media have said. Rahul than played one game with all participants in which all have been seated in circle and he said something to participant who is next to him and than he have say the same thing to the guy who is next to him and it will end when every one have participated in it. Game was being played and Rahul asked last guy that what have you heard than he replied that “Jai ho” and then Rahul asked to the guy to disclose that what phrases she initiated She replied that “Kuch to Kaho”. And than every one started whispering that we heard this we heard that. Now Rahul asked that what you understood? Than many people have started telling that we have got that directly not believe on what other said and try to find out right thing. Afterwards we have called every one for lunch which we cooked along with our team members and than ate together.


  Picture: Rahul dubey facilitating the perspective building session on current issues.

Wall painting: Peace center has organized “wall painting for peace” a day program with 23 young people of rural and urban Udaipur. Communal harmony and peace was the theme of wall painting and all participants have instructed to paint openly. They made groups by themselves and started to paint the wall with a beautiful mixture of colors. Every one was enthusiastic and helping each other in mixing of colors or instructing each other the way to make beautiful creation. There was no time limit for any participant or not rewards. The best reward for them was their beautiful paintings which were given the messages of Brotherhood, love and peace. Those who were not involved in painting were assisting and motivating those were painting. When all have finished their paintings this was the time to guess the message in regarding love, brotherhood and peace. The eagle with multiple colors has the message of diversity and brotherhood in a bird, paint of Bhagat Singh has the message of unity for the country, paint of two human hugging each other has the message of love, belongingness, equality and peace and all other paintings have messages of love, equality, peace and beautiful community.


                                        Picture: Some glimpses of wall painting on peace.

 Major Outcomes:

  • Young people have engaged in every activity with full of potential and interest and being involved in each activity with equal participation.
  • They have got clear understanding of both religion and being able to identify such people those spread hatred and try to divide communities and nation on the name of religion.
  • Around 50 young people and 20 newly engaged volunteers have appreciated and requested to connect with us and to participate in every such activity.
  • All programs have done successfully and reached our objective which has given a new energy and motivation to all team members of Peace center.
  • Both rural and urban youth have engaged together in all activities and shared experiences with each other.
  • Young people of rural have decided to maintain peace in the area and to stop rumors and wrong information which is being spread now a day to divide two communities.
  • Perspective building workshop and discussion on the current issues has made a healthy discussion with references hence everyone has decided to come out as peace maker and will participate in each and every activity of peace center
  • Young people have made a What Sapp group after being influencing by the programs they have participated and promised to keep in touch and to spread the message of brotherhood and peace by connecting more people in it. There is a quote from their Profile picture of Whatsapp group “ H(º )Se Hindu, M(e ) Se Musalman, Ham(ºe) Se Sara Hindustan”