Shamli Peace Centre activities

///Shamli Peace Centre activities

Shamli Peace Centre activities

Savitri Bai Phule Janam Diwas

Date: 31-01-18

‘Type of Activity: Peace building, harmony in the society and rights.  


Peace centre Shamli conducted a program on the birth day of Savitri Bai Phule at Ailum Peace Centre. The program held at community centre Ailum. Women and girls especially took participate in the program.

The life of Savitri Bai Phule discussed in the program by speakers.

Her life of earlier days with her husband Mhatma Phule and her companion Fatima sheikh who supported in her struggle was also discussed in the program.

Her efforts for women education and inclusion of marginalized communities in main stream was mainly discussed in the program.

A retired panchayat secretary as a resource person was invited from the village to speak on her life and efforts for equality and education. He stated that Savitri Bai herself was from backward class and community. She was first women in Indian history who drove a campaign to educate girls of backward classes especially Dalit and muslim as well.

He further spoke that Fatima sheikh was her companion in her efforts to educate the society. Savitri Bai been honored the first lady to set up a girls school in Maharashtra. She spends her full life to get justice for the marginalized community socially and politically.

Later a song on the issues of labourer and farmer was sung and other participant stated their point of view regarding Dalit status today.


Fact Findings on extra judicial killings

In the month of January, peace centre conducted around 7 fact finding on extra judicial killings and so called encounter. The main reason of conducting these fact findings was to know the nature of encounter either these are fake and genuine. The second main reason was to inform the institutions such as,NHRC, Supreme Court and High Court Allahabad which are thought to be responsible to protect the human rights and civil rights.

All fact findings are in the form of petition planned to file in Supreme Court.


Gandhi ki Shahadat

On the day of 30th January Gandhi’s Shahadat Diwas, centre conducted a discussion with the school children in a Junior high School in Garhi Dolat.

Teachers of school and some people from village also took participation in the discussion.

In the starting of the program master Yameen introduced the concept of martyrdom of Gandhi Ji and his struggle in freedom movement. Master yameen also spoke about the life of Gandhi in South Africa and social movement run by Gabdhi ji there.

 He spoke to students that Gandhi ji also fought in SA for the apartheid community as well as Indian community there. He also discussed that there was white and Black communities there but black were deprived due to their ethnicity. So Gandhi ji also took stand against such practice there.

Mr Chauhan a teacher of same school was invited to address students he said, that the reason behind the killing of Gandhi ji’s is directly one that is his concept of none violence and his advocacy towards muslims and minorities rights in India. He was against the violence and spoke against communal people at that time. Those communal people killed Gandhi ji.

Later Akram addressed students and people, said that. Godse killied Gandhi ji because he has supported India as a secular state with full rights of minorities and other backwards classes such Dalits. Secondly he was against the idea of RSS and Hintuwa forces of making India as Hindu Rashtrya. And thirdly Gandhi ji ‘s allianation towards fulfillment of rights of minorities and especially muslim as he believe in secular state.



Peace March

On world peace day (21st September 2016) Shamli peace centre conducted a peace march from Abdul Hameed Chok to Charan Singh Chok .

Almost 70 people participated in the march, holding banners, posters and raising slogans about peace and harmony. There were pamphlets distributed for the promotion of peace.

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Peace process- Ailum, Kandhla, Shamli
Date: 27/4/2016

Aapsi Bhaichara or Shanti Ki Sthapna.

Brief Description:

The Aapsi Bhaichara or Shanti Ki Sthapna program was conducted by Afkar India Foundation in Ailum town hall, Shamli (district) U.P. The objective of the programme was to begin the dialogue among different communities to promote harmony and peace. As the villages in these areas have experienced riots in 2013, people often feel a sense of mistrust towards each other, resulting in a rift between the Hindu and Muslim communities. Afkar India Foundation mobilized diverse communities for this program and people participated from section of every community like Hindu, Muslims, Dalit, OBC and general category. The programme was duly supported by the local group Nojwan Sabha.


The programme was initiated by Akram Akhtar who introduced the guest, followed by a song sung by youth of Nojwan Sbha “Urooj-e- kabyabi par kabhi Hindustan hoga”. Irfan Engineer then told about riots in detail, specifying the loss of the people and gain of the people through these riots calling for people to understand the situation. He boldly clarified to the people the involvement of right wing communal forces in the incitement of the riots.

The resource person Rajpal Singh conveyed the importance of peace and harmony among the masses, and also expressed gratitude to the CSSS team for coming to his village and starting community dialogue around this issue. He promised to also involve himself actively in such activities.

Towards the end of the programme, the convener Akram Akhtar called for questions and responses from the people regarding the further activities to be organized by the Foundation.