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Project Description

The Campaign for Peace, Kandhamal was born out of the Seminar on Peace and Harmony on 27th October 2014. The Campaign’s objective is to build peace and harmony among various castes and communities in order to promote democracy, secularism, constitutional values and cultural diversity. To achieve this, the Campaign engages with students, women, youth, and others in the community by organizing various rights-based awareness activities and programs.
Under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Mohanty, the Secretary of the Campaign, the coordination team of Prof. Prasanna Bishoyi, Jirimiya Sunamajhi, Sanjay Digal, Md. Abdul Sukur, Sumant Karna, V. Subramanyam Das, Bijay Swain, Balabhadra Mallick, Bhanumati Mallick, Santi Mallick, Amosh Sunamajhi, and others looking forward the campaign and marching towards the objective of the campaign.