Knowledge Building

  • Research: The research wing at CSSS undertakes research projects that deal with socio-political issues. The research aims at filling gaps in knowledge and literature on the discourse of secularism, policies, democratic polity and other related topics.
  • Consultations and Seminars: CSSS organizes a number of consultations and seminars on a regular basis with the purpose of knowledge sharing, identifying priorities, expanding opportunities of intervention and collaboration, and turning ideas into effective action. A list of recent seminars can be accessed
  • Indian Journal of Secularism: The Indian Journal of Secularism (IJS) is a quarterly publication which carry a selection of well researched articles on issues such as minority rights, ethnic and communal problems, secular polity and secular values. Recent issues of IJS can be found here.
  • Secular Perspective: Secular Perspective is a fortnightly publication, written by Adv. Irfan Engineer. It discusses and analyses current affairs in Indian politics that revolve around the issues of equality and human rights for all. Issues of Secular Perspective can be accessed here.

Awareness Building 

Internships: CSSS offers internships to college students who are passionate and dedicated to the cause of promoting secular values and equality for all in the society.

Workshops and Lectures in Colleges: We conduct workshops and hold lectures for students in colleges in the city to engage with them and sensitize them toward cultural, social and religious diversity in their surroundings, encouraging them to appreciate diversity in the Indian society.

Capacity Building and Sensitization

Capacity building for social activists and sensitizing religious leaders and groups is a fundamental part of initiatives taken by CSSS. Our interventions in this area aims at strengthening the social fabric through various activities such as workshops for the training of trainers, workshops with police and religious leaders to sensitize them toward communal issues and human rights.


Monitoring of Communal Politics 

Fact Finding: Under the leadership and guidance of Dr Asghar Ali Engineer, CSSS has through the years conducted number of fact-finding missions and has been a pioneer in investigating and documenting communal incidents across the country. Fact finding reports aim at maintaining the highest possible level of objectivity. These reports not only serve as repository of knowledge, but can also help in signalling potential future disturbances.


Peace Centres: The concept of the ‘Peace Centre’ is liberal conceptual space which is the hub of activities that help cultivate and establish a culture of peace and harmony. There are eight Peace Centres across the country; one each at Sangli, Udaipur, Varanasi, Saharanpur, Bhagalpur, Ahmedabad, Kandhamal and Raipur. Peace Centres are managed by our fellows who organize activities taking into account the context and needs of each region that they function in. Peace Centres are essentially a meeting point for peace activists, the youth, local community and civil society organizations to interact and foster unity, peace and communal harmony. These interactions are designed to help reduce misconceptions, prejudices and myths against specific communities, and to develop a culture where people appreciate the diversity in their surroundings. Activities of Peace Centres can be found here.