Communal Riots in 2016: A Brief Narrative Report

///Communal Riots in 2016: A Brief Narrative Report

Communal Riots in 2016: A Brief Narrative Report

Communal Riots in 2016: A Brief Narrative Report

By CSSS Team: Irfan Engineer, Neha Dabhade and Suraj Nair

Communal Riots in North Zone:
State No. of Date of Incident Deaths Injured Arrested
U.P. 18 6 99 102
Bihar 10 0 40 176
Jharkhand 6 1 200 0
M.P. 5 0 29 65
Punjab 2 0 15 0
Rajasthan 1 0 0 12
Total 42 7 383 355

Communal Riots in Uttar Pradesh:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 14-May-16 Khodadapur Azamgarh 0 14 7
2 22-June-16 Gaharpur, Haribhanpur Varanasi 1 6 3
3 20-July-16 Babri Mandi Aligarh 0 0 1
4 27-July-16 Deoband Saharanpur 0 0 1
5 16-September-16 Peda Bijnor 3 14 23
6 12-October-16 Badgaon Gonda 0 0 24
7 12-October-16 Shivratanganj (Amethi) Sultanpur 0 12 0
8 12-October-16 Dih Rae Bareli 0 0 0
9 12-October-16 Nawabganj Bareilly 0 25 0
10 12-October-16 Reusa Sitapur 0 0 0
11 12-October-16 Pilibhit Pilibhit 0 0 0
12 16-October-16 Deoria Deoria 0 NA 31
13 22-October-16 Allahabad Allahabad 0 0 0
14 30-October-16 Kauriaganj Aligarh 2 4 4
15 01-November-16 Fatanpur Pratapgarh 0 20 8
16 01-November-16 Babri Mandi Aligarh 0 4 0
17 10-December-16 Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur 0 0 0
18 12-December-16 Bareilly Bareilly 0 0 0

14th May 16, Khodadapur (Azamgarh)

As per Sahafat & Inquilab – On Saturday (14 May 2016) the minority people from Kodadpur village were attacked by majority people from their village and other adjacent villages who had gather in 1000’s.Apart from the physical violence they caused they also burnt down the houses. To control the situation police force was brought in. On 15 May 2016, late evening situation got worse. On 16 May 2016 7 people were arrested and cases have been registered against 200 unknown people. Sahafat, 18-05-2016 / Inquilab, 17-05-2016

As per report of The Indian Express – Police said a Dalit villager named Musafir had lodged a complaint a week ago, alleging that he was assaulted by some Muslim men. Those accused, however, claimed that they were being threatened by Musafir. Police said that on Saturday night, some of the Muslim men allegedly set Musafir’s house on fire, sparking tension between the two communities. Inspector General S K Bhagat, who visited the spot on Sunday, said the situation has been brought under control and adequate force has been deployed. Only police officers were injured in the clashes, he added. (IANS, 2016) (Express News Sevice, 2016)

22nd June 16, Gaharpur, (Varanasi)

Violence broke out when the village head denied the burial of Muslim women by clamming that he is owner of land. However the issue was resolved by SDM. In the meanwhile a mourner was beaten to death. In protest people from that community blocked the road with two bodies of woman and that boy. However, the officials were able to pacify the situation by assuring strict action would be taken against the culprits. (HT Correspondent, 2016)

20th July 16, Babri Mandi (Aligarh)

There was a clash between the two communities in the area on Wednesday night (20 July 2016) after a 19-year-old newly married Hindu woman was allegedly molested by four Muslim youths. The woman alleged that she and her husband were on their way home when the youths molested her and tried to drag her to a secluded lane. When the woman shouted for help, people of both communities gathered outside, leading to a clash. Some unidentified miscreants fired in the air while a few allegedly tried to attack the woman’s husband with a knife. The police intervened, and the situation was brought under control. (Mishra I. , Days after Aligarh clash, Hindu families allege threat, say they want to shift out, 2016) (Mishra I. , In Aligarh, Hindu families pack their bags, police ask them to reconsider, 2016) Indian Express, 23-07-2016

27th July 16, Deoband (Saharanpur)

Locals found vandalized idols in a temple on 27 July. Suspect belonging to the Muslim community, was caught and beaten up by locals before he was handed over to the police. Officers claimed Sadik appeared to be mentally-challenged. Though the gates of a religious structure of his community was found damaged late at night, police acted proactively and repaired the gates in the night itself and the situation was brought under control. (Mishra I. , Tension at Deoband after temple idols found vandalised, 2016) Sahafat, 29-07-2016

16th September 16, Peda (Bijnor)

As per Bijnor City police, the clash was sparked between two groups after a Muslim girl were harassed by a few youth from the Jat community. When the members of the minority community protested and there was a fight between them. Locals intervened and stopped the fight to contain the situation. However, at around 8.30 am, around 100 people from the Jat community from surrounding villages gathered in Pedda and some of them fired at one Muslim family. This left three dead and several injured. Police have suspended three policemen, who were allegedly present in the vicinity at the time of the attack, for “dereliction of duty”. Before firing, victims made 12 calls to cops, MLA but no action taken by them. (Angad, 2016) (Express News Service, 2016) (Javaid, 2016)

12th October 16, Badgaon (Gonda)

Members of Hindu and Muslim communities clashed during Muharram procession and Durga idol immersion on 12 Oct 2016. The two communities clashed in Badgaon when some anti-social elements pelted stones at a procession moving with Durga idol for immersion. Superintendent of police SK Singh said extra police force was rushed to the spot to control the situation. An FIR was registered against 50 people and two dozen people were taken into custody. BJP MPs alleged that only one sided action was taken. The situation was under control and extra police force was deployed in sensitive areas. (Singh R. K., 2016)

12th October 16, Shivratanganj (Amethi) (Sultanpur)

The two communities clashed in Shivratanganj in Amethi when some anti-social elements damaged a Durga idol. Over one dozen people were injured when a mob armed with sticks and rods attacked a rival group. Protesting the inaction by the district administration, local people blocked traffic movement on the Lucknow-Varanasi highway. (Singh R. K., 2016)

12th October 16, Dih (Rae Bareli)

In adjoining Rae Bareli district, the two communities clashed in Dih area during Durga idol immersion procession. ASP VK Yadav said members of the Muslim community objected over the route of the idol procession but the Hindus insisted on taking the procession via the old route. Police lathi-charged the mob but the villagers retaliated. Several police vehicles were damaged in the clash. (Singh R. K., 2016)

12th October 16, Nawabganj (Bareilly)

Twenty-five people were injured in a clash between the two communities during a tazia procession in Nawabganj area of Bareilly. The injured were admitted to hospital and heavy police force has been deployed in the area. The clash took place allegedly after Hindu youths forced the Muslims to change the route of the tazia procession. Some anti-social elements pelted stones and used firearms as well. (Singh R. K., 2016)

12th October 16, Reusa (Sitapur)

In Reusa of Sitapur district, anti-social elements set three houses afire after the two communities clashed over a tazia procession. Members of the Hindu community objected to the tazia procession saying that the route was marked for Durga idol procession. There was a heated exchange of words which soon led to a pitched fight. Members of both communities also clashed in Haragoan area of Sitapur. (Singh R. K., 2016)

12th October 16, Pilibhit (Pilibhit)

The communities also clashed in Pilibhit. (Singh R. K., 2016)

16th October 16, Deoria (Deoria)

Incident started on Sunday (16 Oct 2016) late evening, when police officials asked the idol immersion people to lower the volume of loudspeakers; however this led to a clash between the police and people. To control the situation Lathi charge was made. Half a dozen shops and few vehicles were damaged. The situation was brought under control after the deployment of police force. Police also detained several BJP leaders including Lok Sabha MP Ravindra Kushwaha as a precaution to avert any incident that hampers communal disharmony. (Mishra A. , 2016) Sahafat, 17-10-2016

22nd October 16, Allahabad (Allahabad)

A local fight between two families acquired the colour of communal tension. There was chaos in the area. 2 houses were burnt. To control the situation police force were deployed. Sahafat, 24-10-16

30th October 16 , Kauriaganj (Aligarh)

A fight broke out due to a motorcycle crash. This led an argument between the mob and them which ultimately led to lynching of both the father and son to death. Police force was deployed to control the situation. Sahafat, 02-11-16

01st November 16, Fatanpur (Pratapgarh)

A small fight between two children led to communal violence between the communities since both of them belonged to different religion. Members of the majority community led a mob and attacked houses of minority community and fired at them. Axes were also used to attack. Total of 20 people injured including women. Police forces were just onlookers while this incident happened. (PTI, 2016) Inquilab, 02-11-2016

01st November 16, Babri Mandi (Aligarh)

A fight between the groups of people over bursting of crackers led to a communal violence. 4 people got injured and some of them are critical. Situation was brought in control after deployment of police force. Sahafat, 02-11-16

10th December 16, Shahjahanpur (Shahjahanpur)

On the occasion of Eid-e-Milad local mosque of Shahjahanpur had invited Muslim community from vicinity areas to join in the procession. This was however objected by the Hindu extremist.  There were three incidents of blocking reported. In the first incident of blocking by Hindus, though some police officials were present on the spot no action was taken by them, it was only after the arrival of SP with additional force the police asked the Muslims to divert. Again Muslim community going to mosque was stopped and then police intervened and asked the Muslim community to divert to a different route. They were stopped again in the diverted route and police asked Muslims to divert their route. As a result of this communal riots were avoided. Sahafat, 13-12-2016 / Inquilab, 13-12-2016

12th December 16, Bareilly (Bareilly)

A cricket match fight between the groups took a form of communal violence when locals also started stone pelting. Police force was deployed to control the situation. Inquilab, 13-12-2016

Communal Riots in Bihar:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 15 Fri, Apr 2016 Siwan Siwan 0 6 0
2 08 Fri, Jul 2016 Shahpur Bhojpur 0 6 1
3 06 Sat, Aug 2016 Chapra Saran NA NA 63
4 10 Mon, Oct 2016 Turkaulia East Champaran 0 0 0
5 10 Mon, Oct 2016 Bihariganj Madhepura 0 NA 38
6 12 Wed, Oct 2016 Piro Bhojpur 0 3 20
7 12 Wed, Oct 2016 Bettiah East Champaran 0 6 0
8 13 Thu, Oct 2016 Kachor Sitamarhi 0 11 0
9 13 Thu, Oct 2016 Saugauli East Champaran 0 0 0
10 14 Sat, Oct 2016 Gopalganj Gopalganj 0 8 54


15th April 16, Siwan (Siwan)

During the procession of Ram Navami loud music was played. The people in the procession were asked to reduce the volume while passing through the mosque; however, they refused. This led to violence between both the communities. To control the mob 14 round were fired and no one was injured. (Kumari, 2016) Sahafat, 17-04-2016

08th July 16, Shahpur (Bhojpur)

Communal tension gripped Bhojpur’s Shahpur town on Friday, a day after a Hindu youth posted an objectionable post regarding Prophet Mohammed on a social networking site. While the man who posted the controversial content was arrested, hundreds of Muslim residents of Ranisagar protested and later torched over a dozen shops in the area. The police opened fire in self defence to disperse a thousand-strong mob. (Express News Service, 2016) (Singh S. , 2016) Indian Express, 10-06-2016

06th August16, Chapra (Saran)

Communal tension gripped a Bihar town, over an objectionable video clip that was posted on social networking site Facebook. Due to this the location witnessed a communal violence. Most of the attacks were on Muslims. In an alleged video, right wing group had an active role in inciting violence in the town including BJP legislator, CV Gupta. (Roy A. G., 2016) (IANS, 2016)Times of India, 07-08-2016 / Hindustan Times, 07-08-2016

10th October 16, Turkaulia (East Champaran)

On Monday, a small fight broke out between youths on pujapandals. Later on one of the youth took revenge by disturbing the Muharram procession. This incident acquired the shape of communal violence which resulted in road blockage and stone pelting by the people. To control the situation lathi charge were done and Section 144 was imposed in the area.

10th October 16, Bihariganj (Madhepura)

On Monday evening during Durga Puja programme while the orchestra was playing, some Muslim youths tried to disrupt the function. The organisers forced them to leave the stage, but they later came back with more people and disrupted the function. On Tuesday, during the immersion of idols, some routes that passed through Muslim-dominated areas were reportedly blocked. The idols were finally immersed on Wednesday morning, with the administration deploying security forces and engaging community leaders. On Wednesday afternoon, two government vehicles were damaged when some people reportedly pelted stones during a Muharram procession. On Friday it was reported that rioters forcibly shut business establishments. Though no further violence took place, the situation remained tense in the town. The government on Friday shifted Udakishunganj SDPO Rahmat Ali to Madhepura headquarters after his role in the riots came under scanner. (TNN, 2016) ( Express News Service, 2016)

12th October 16, Piro (Bhojpur)

Stone pelting was reported between two groups on Wednesday. Rioters set ablaze 2 vehicles in the market areas and at least 5 government vehicles were burnt. (TNN, 2016)

12th October 16, Bettiah (East Champaran)

Stone pelting was reported in the area; however, communal clash was prevented by the police authorities. Inquilab, 16-10-2016

13th October 16, Kachor (Sitamarhi)

11 villagers sustained injuries in a group clash at Kachor village under Kanhauli police station area on Thursday (13 Oct 2016). At least 17 thatched houses and a shop were set ablaze by the rioters. Heavy stone pelting was also reported near the village chowk. Rioters also looted few houses during the violence. Sitamarhi DM Rajiv Raushan and SP Hari Prasath S are camping at the location along with police forces. (TNN, 2016)

13th October 16, Saugauli (East Champaran)

Bursting of crackers was seen as an attempt to disturb procession and this led to the communal clash. Petrol bomb were also allegedly used by rioters. Later on situation was brought under control by police. Inquilab, 16-10-2016

14th October 16, Gopalganj (Gopalganj)

According to reports, tension started on 14 Oct 2016, evening when some persons pelted stones and fired at an immersion procession in Gopalganj town. 10 vehicles were torched and several shops were attacked by the violent mob. The police arrested around 54 persons involved in anti-social activities from both communities from the affected districts. Railway services were disrupted, markets and schools shut down and internet service were suspended. Police force has been deployed. (IANS , 2016)

Communal Riots in Jharkhand:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 15 Fri, Apr 2016 Pandu Hazaribagh 1 200 NA
2 16 Sat, Apr 2016 Jugasalai East Singhbhum 0 0 0
3 17 Sun, Apr 2016 Siwandih Bokaro 0 0 0
4 NA Chatra Chatra 0 0 0
5 NA Dhanbad Dhanbad 0 0 0
6 NA Giridih Giridih 0 0 0

15th April 16, Pandu (Hazaribagh)

The trigger for Sunday’s violence was an “objectionable” audio recording played on loudspeakers by a Ram Navami procession around 11 am. The minority community admitted that they had objected to the recording. Angered by the recording; minority community allegedly pelted stones at the procession. A huge mob soon gathered, and started attacking and burning shops and vehicles. ( Express News Service, 2016) (Pandey, 2016) (HT Correspondent, 2016)

16th April 16, Jugasalai (East Singhbhum)

On Saturday night, members of the two communities clashed in Jugasalai police station area of Jamshedpur district. Members of a community objected to the route taken by a Ram Navami procession, leading to scuffles. The situation in the town remains tense; however, under control. (Pandey, 2016)

 17th April 16, Siwandih (Bokaro)

A procession was going along its designated route when, around 6 pm, some unidentified elements began stone pelting. At least two vehicles were torched and stone pelting was witnessed in Bokaro district but the situation was brought under control, police said. (Pandey, 2016)

Date Not Available, Chatra, Dhanbad and Giridih

Earlier, violence was reported between the two communities in Chatra, Dhanbad and Giridih, though police were able to quickly bring the situation under control there. (Pandey, 2016)

Communal Riots in Madhya Pradesh:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 08-January-16 Bagh Dhar 0 4 0
2 10-January-16 Dewas Dewas 0 6 7
3 12-January-16 Manawar Dhar NA 11 41
4 12-November-16 Vidisha Vidisha 0 6 13
5 13-December-16 Sagar Sagar 0 2 4

08th January 1, Bagh (Dhar)

On 8 Jan 2016, some youths from one community molested girl from another community. This led to communal violence between both the communities. Subahsavere, 14 Jan 2016

 10th January 16, Dewas (Dewas)

A week prior to this incident there was fight on RSS between the youths and which was reported in police station. On this Bajrang Dal took a procession on Sunday with flags which were flagged at several places. On this some people objected and this led to a flight between both the communities. Shops and vehicles were attacked. 7 people were arrested. Subahsavere, 11,12 & 15 – Jan 2016

12th January 16, Manawar (Dhar)

Right wing hindu organisation had organised a Shaurya Yatra procession on 12 Jan 2016. The procession was going on as per planned; however, in the middle of the procession they were stopped by some people. With due permission from authorities they diverted their routes; however, around 4 pm when they reached at Kranti Chauraha stone pelting was done on them. This resulted in chaos. The rioter’s set ablaze vehicles and shops. Police force was deployed – As per Subahsavere  Subahsavere, 13 & 14 Jan 2016

On 12 Jan 2016, Tuesday after members of two communities threw stones at each other and set more than a dozen shops on fire after slogan-shouting during Shaurya Yatra procession sparked tension. Hindu right-wing organisation allegedly shouted slogans against Muslims while taking out Shaurya Yatra procession. Police said members of the communities in Dhar pelted stones at each other for more than an hour, injuring two additional superintendents of police deployed at the site. More than a dozen of shops were set on fire by the people. The Dhar administration has imposed Section 144 of CrPC in the city and deployed extra police forces in the town. Cases of rioting have been registered. – As per HT – Jan 13, 2016 18:01 IST (HT Correspondent, 2016)

12th November 16, Vidisha (Vidisha)

20 year old convenor of the City VHP Deepak Kushwaha was killed. During his funeral procession there was forced closure of shops and stone throwing and torching of Muslim homes, warehouse and vehicles. Sahafat, 14-11-16

13th December 16,Sagar (Sagar)

The nephew of an RSS functionary whose alleged anti-Islam comment in a WhatsApp group led to communal tension had to be rescued after a large group of Muslims gathered near his home in Sagar town late on Tuesday (13 Dec 2016). 1,000 protesters had reached Sanat’s home after the community objected to his post. The situation was under control by Wednesday (14 Dec 2016). Sanat Soni, whose uncle Dinesh Soni is an RSS functionary, and three Muslim men were booked under National Security Act (NSA) Wednesday and sent to jail. The three Muslims detained under NSA were among several members of the community booked for rioting, trespass and hurling obscenities in connection with the violence that followed the comment.

Communal Riots in Punjab:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 25-June-16 Malerkotla Sangrur 0 8 0
2 23-July-16 Phagwara Kapurthala 0 7 0

25th June 16, Malerkotla (Sangrur)

Tension started at 10 pm Friday (24 Jun 2016) when pages of the Quran were found near Jarg Chowk in Malerkotla. Around 1 am, a group of people went to meet MLA Farzana Nissara Khatoon, but were allegedly turned away. The MLA’s security fired in self-defence against the 300-strong crowd that had assembled at the gates. The mob then started to attack the security and police personnel. The crowd dispersed after additional forces from Sangrur arrived at the scene. (Jagga, 2016) Indian Express, 26-06-2016

23rd July 16, Phagwara (Kapurthala)

On 23 July 2016, Sena activists allegedly used force to shut shops of a few Muslim families during a protest against disruption in the Amarnath Yatra in Jammu and Kashmir. When the prayers were going on, Sena activists reached outside the mosque and started raising anti-Pakistan and ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’ slogans. They reportedly also dared the people inside the mosque to face them. People in the mosque came out and both sides exchanged heated words and soon stone pelting ensued at Gaushala road. Sikhs also turned up to lend support to the Muslim side. Locals allege that this could have been averted by police. (Outlook, 2016) (TNN, 2016) (HT Correspondent, 2016)

Communal Riots in Rajastan:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 15-September-16 Revadavas Alwar 0 0 12

15th September 2016, Revadavas (Alwar)

As per the police they got a phone call of an alleged cow slaughter in the Gidawra jungle by Mewati Muslims of Revadavas village. When police reached the location Muslims tried to run away. But they were able to catch 12 of them. However, two separate groups of social activists who visited the village on 16 Sep and 18 Sep have questioned the facts of FIR. The cow vigilantes also looted the houses and even completely destroyed their houses with the help of JCB and it was alleged that this all happened in the presence of police. (India Tomorrow, 2016)

Communal Riots in West Zone:

State No. of Date of Incident Deaths Injured Arrested
Maharashtra 8 0 196 286
Gujarat 4 0 21 21
Total 12 0 217 307

Communal Riots in Maharashtra:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 05-February-16 Isamu Nagar Nandurbar 0 0 0
2 01-March-16 Badlapur Thane 0 3 0
3 22-March-16 Nandurbar Nandurbar 0 12 36
4 27-April-16 Jalgaon Jalgaon 0 0 102
5 04-May-16 Malegaon Nanded 0 0 0
6 09-May-16 Shrirampur Ahmadnagar 0 0 NA
7 15-September-16 Umarkhed Yavatmal 0 37 65
8 12-December-16 Malkapur Buldhana 0 144 83

05th February 16, Isamu Nagar (Nandurbar)

The two communities had clashed on February 5, after attempts to shut down a slaughterhouse in the town. (Shaikh, 2016)

01st March 16, Badlapur (Thane)

Due to some objectionable post posted in social media on 29 February 2016, shops of the Muslims were attacked. However, police was able to prevent any further destruction. Inquilab, 02-03-2016

22nd March 16, Nandurbar (Nandurbar)

The clashes were sparked off by an incident on Tuesday afternoon, when a group of boys was stopped from entering a school where examinations were being held. Soon after the end of exam, the boy came back with a group of supporters and a fight broke out. Both parties attacked each other with stones. Properties were attacked belonging to both communities. Police were also injured while controlling mob. (Shaikh, 2016)

27th April 16, Jalgaon (Jalgaon)

There a clash between the Hindu and Muslim community, both the temples and mosque was damaged in that violence. To curtail further violence police force were deployed at temples and mosques. Sahafat, 27-05-2016

04th May 16, Malegaon (Nanded)

Mosque was attacked while people in there were offering prayer. This led to a tension in that region. It is reported that, there was tension going on between Dalit’s and Maratha; however, Muslims were drawn in unnecessarily. Muslims population is very low here, to curtail further violence police protection was deployed in the village. MIM has influence in this region. Inquilab, 06-05-2016

09th May 16, Shrirampur (Ahmadnagar)

An accident between the tempo and a motor cycle was twisted into a communal incident by the driver of the motorcycle who had links with Hindu Vahini. This resulted in a destruction of lakhs of property, 20 shops were burnt. Police were just onlookers while this was happening. Inquilab, 10-05-2016 / Sahafat, 10-05-2016

15th September 16, Umarkhed (Yavatmal)

There was a fight between two Ganpati Mandals on immersion. There were stone throwing incidents. Some stones were thrown at Muslim houses. Muslim youth intervened. One idol broke. Hindus demanded that immersion would be only after those responsible for breaking the idol are arrested. 4 houses burnt and 65 Muslims arrested. (Mirsab, 17)  Sahafat, 22-9-16

12th December 16, Malkapur (Buldhana)

As per TOI – The community had the required permission for their religious procession. The rallyists, however, took out a motorcycle rally. Moreover, the approved procession route did not include Baradari and Salipura, localities dominated by one community. In spite of this, the rally took the unapproved route. When the rallyists raised some objectionable slogans, the police personnel posted on the route tried to stop the rally. The rallyists pelted stones on them. Then local residents retaliated by pelting stones on the rallyists. Shops and vehicles were torched in this riot. Police have arrested 83 persons and registered cases against about 1,500 unknown persons. (Roy A. , 2016) (TNN, 2016)

As per Inquilab – The area was tense due to the procession, however once the procession reached at Salipura they were attacked with stone pelting by Hindu extremist. When police intervened they were also attacked and got injured. With the spread of rumors the whole city was tense. Local MIM leader alleges that the stone pelting was planned because within few minutes suddenly large no. of people started pelting stones. In this chaos a youth with motorcycle crashed with a cow and some women also got injured. To bring situation under control police also fired in the air. It is alleged that in this police has taken one-sided action and arrested several Muslim youths and even imposed curfew in Muslim areas where no communal violence occurred. Inquilab, 13-12-2016

Communal Riots in Gujarat:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 23-May-16 Petlad Anand 0 6 15
2 01-November-16 Khambhat Anand 0 3 0
3 06-December-16 Paal Surat 0 7 0
4 08-December-16 Fathepura Vadodara 0 5 6

23rd May 16, Petlad (Anand)

The police said an argument over a trivial issue between a person riding a motorcycle and a tractor driver led to a flare-up between two communities. Both the communities stone pelted at each other. Vehicles were damaged and some people also ransacked houses. The situation was brought under control but to prevent further trouble as many as 100 policemen drawn from local police. (IANS, 2016) (TNN, 2016) The Hindu, 24-05-2016

01st November 16, Khambhat (Anand)

A minor accident in Pith Bajar area in morning triggered a communal violence. Soon people from both communities started throwing bricks at each other. Several vehicles and shops were burnt. Police soon deployed a large number of police force to control the situation. (Siasat, 2016) (PTI, 2016)

06th December 16, Paal (Surat)

Communal clash sparked following a confrontation between staffers of the madrasa and a family of 35 members. Cross complaints have been registered on Wednesday after a communal clash in Paal area of Surat late Tuesday night. Three persons suffered stab wounds and four students of a madrasa were injured in stone-pelting during the violence. Police force has been deployed. (Express News Service, 2016)

08th December 16, Fathepura (Vadodara)

The clash happened at around 12.30 am when a wedding procession was passing through a by lane of Fathepura locality. An argument between a wedding party and locals led to this communal clash. Heavy stone pelting and vehicles were set on fire. Police lobbed at least 20 tear gas shells to disperse the mob after a country-made bomb was hurled at the DSP’s vehicle. (Express News Service, 2016)

Communal Riots in East Zone:

State No. of Date of Incident Deaths Injured Arrested
West Bengal 3 1 23 56
Chhattisgarh 1 0 0 17
Total 4 1 23 73

Communal Riots in West Bengal:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 01-March-16 Illambazar Birbhum 1 3 0
2 12-October-16 Hazinagar / Halisahar North 24 Parganas 0 20 0
3 13-December-16 Dhulagarh Howrah 0 0 56

01st March 16, Illambazar (Birbhum)

Violence broke out on Saturday (27 Feb 2016) over an alleged objectionable post of Prophet Mohammed posted in Facebook. In incidents that followed the post, a police station was ransacked and a mosque was allegedly targeted in a police crackdown. However, as per local guy, police station was not ransacked by the protesters but by outsider. Afraid of further violence, the police deployed its personnel to disperse crowd at the Illambazar madrassa and around the Bhagabatipur Bazaar mosque; however, the locals alleged that they were thrashed by police. The situation was brought under control with the help of police deployment. (Ghosal, West Bengal: Birbhum clashes break out over Facebook post, 1 killed in police firing, 2016) (Agencies, 2016) Indian Express, 07-03-2016

12th October 16 , Hazinagar / Halisahar (North 24 Parganas)

Communal clashes at Hazinagar and Halisahar in North 24 Parganas district since 12 Oct 2016, have left several people injured while an estimated 30 homes and several shops, apart from four vehicles, have been ransacked or set on fire. The trigger was a low-intensity bomb allegedly thrown at a Muharram procession. While no one was injured then, it resulted in violence with a number of Hindu homes being allegedly attacked by mobs, and Muslim mobs allegedly retaliating. (Ghosal, Homes ransacked in communal violence in Bengal, people flee, 2016) Indian Express, 19-10-2016

13th December 16, Dhulagarh (Howrah)

Muslims have claimed that they were ambushed by a group of Hindus, who had objected to the procession. The next day, a Muslim mob allegedly attacked Hindu homes and shops and them ablaze. Though that day police were able to diffuse the tension, next day the clash went on for 2 hrs between the police and people from both communities. Police had to use tear gas and reinforcements to bring situation under control. In the incident more than 100 houses and shops were attacked over those two days. Though more Hindu homes and shops were attacked, the financial damage done to Muslim-owned factories is far more. (Ghosal, Howrah: 25 held after communal clash, 2016) (Ghosal, WB: Its economy crippled by clashes, Dhulagarh picks up the pieces, 2016)

 Communal Riots in Chhattisgarh:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 06-March-16 Kachna Raipur 0 0 17

06th March 16, Kachna (Raipur)

A group of more than 15 men vandalized a prayer hall that served as a church alleging it was involved in religious conversions. Police; however, told that the matter stemmed from an issue over the hall being allegedly built on encroached land. (Ghose, 2016) Indian Express, 08-03-2016

Communal Riots in South Zone:

State No. of Date of Incident Deaths Injured Arrested
Karnataka 3 0 50 6
Tamil Nadu 1 0 3 80
Total 4 0 53 86

 Communal Riots in Karnataka:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
2 18-October-16 Shahabad Gulbarga 0 0 6
3 11-December-16 Gangavati Koppal 0 50 0
4 12-December-16 Hosapete Bellary 0 0 0

18th October 16, Shahabad (Gulbarga)

A miscreant named Shiva posted inflammatory posts against other community on Facebook and he was arrested after the complaint by Popular front. A day later a Dussehra cut out was found desecrated, the VHP and Ramsene seized that opportunity and started playing a communal fire game, and they accused minority community of hurting Hindu sentiments. However; later it turns out that it was a carried out by group of 6 boys arrested of those 5 were Hindus. (Deccan Digest, 2016)

11th December 16, Gangavati (Koppal)

Tension gripped the town over putting up religious banners and flags for Id Milad and Hanuma Jayanti. Though the police was able to disperse the mob; later, a large number of members of a community gathered at a place to offer prayers, while members of another community gathered at their place of worship. Trouble began when one group attacked another that led to pelting of stones. More than 70 people have been injured in the two days of violence in the town. A total of 15 two-wheelers, eight petty shops, at least four goods carrier vehicles have been damaged in the violent incidents.  Police force has been deployed. (Special Correspondent, 2016) (Communal clash shuts down Hosapete, 2016) (Siasat, 2016)

12th December 16, Hosapete (Bellary)

Tension prevailed in the town as two communities clashed over tying flags for the Hanuma Jayanti and Eid-e-Milad celebrations on Monday. Two women from different communities had a fight over the issue. People from the two groups gathered there and a riot broke out. Police rushed there and dispersed the crowds. The police appealed to the two groups to maintain peace, but the situation continues to be tense. Shops and business establishments downed their shutters and the roads wore a deserted look. (Communal clash shuts down Hosapete, 2016) (Siasat, 2016)

Communal Riots in Tamil Nadu:

Sr. No. Date of Incident Location District Deaths Injured Arrested
1 23-September-16 Thudiyalur Coimbatore 0 3 80


23rd September 16, Thudiyalur (Coimbatore)

Communal violence triggered after the murder of a Hindu Munnani leader C. Sasikumar by an unidentified gang late on 22 Sep 2016. On the next day arsonists targeting commercial establishments and premises most of which were reportedly owned by Muslims. Places of worships were also damaged. To prevent further violence police arrested over 100 people associated with violence. Neighboring town of Tirupur also witnessed some sporadic violence. (The Hindu, 2016) The Hindu, 25-09-2016


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