Bhagalpur Peace Centre activities for the month of January 2016

///Bhagalpur Peace Centre activities for the month of January 2016

Bhagalpur Peace Centre activities for the month of January 2016

Interactive session on principles of equality and freedom


At SS Girl’s inter school, where Paridhi peace centre held an interactive session on principles of equality and freedom.  200 Girls participated in the discussion. By the end of it, they expressed their enthusiasm to be a part of such events in the future. It was conducted by Uday Paridhi and Rahul Rajeev.

Eager minds listening to Mr. Uday Paridhi and Mr. Rahul Rajeev Talk about rational thinking towards the principles of freedom, equality, fraternity and justice. This session was held at SS Girl’s inter school, on 22nd January, 2016, Bhagalpur.

Poster Exhibition on Peace and Communal Harmony


As the poster exhibition at the scenic Sandis compound in Bhagalpur, commenced, over 400 participants thronged the venue in spite of bitter cold. This was held on 21st January, 2016.


At the poster exhibition, Paridhi peace centre also sang peace songs to promote communal harmony in the area. It was an interesting as many passersby joined them in singing, some clicked pictures and others simply watched and enjoyed. Some young boys and girls also joined the group and sang peace songs. It was a delight to see how young India wants to live in a better world.


People who visited the poster exhibition were awestruck by the art and the thought behind the posters. Many posters expressed the vision that Gandhiji had and others threw some light on contemporary issues and debates.

Talk on diversity


School girls, at Muktiniketan School in Ghogha, listening intently to a talk on diversity.

The event was held on the 23rd of January and it was attended by 140 students. The talk dwelled on the shared culture in the country and the constitutional values which strengthen equality, liberty and pluralism in the country. A poster exhibition was also held.